Melbourne, Victoria

Elwood Park, Head Street, Elwood

Event Update

The Melbourne Corporate Triathlon team has confirmed that the event will not be taking place as planned in early 2021.

Unfortunately the ongoing effects of COVID-19 on the organisation means that it’s not possible to hold the event next year.

The Melbourne Corporate Triathlon has provided countless opportunities for new participants to enter the sport, along with offering a chance for businesses to bring together their staff and stakeholders and promote a healthy lifestyle.

The team is disappointed that the event will not take place in 2021 but remain hopeful that it will return in 2022.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Melbourne Corporate Triathlon.



Corporate team building, made FUN!

Welcome to the Australian Corporate Triathlon Series, a fantastic fun event to build camaraderie and challenge your colleagues to take their health and wellbeing to another level.

If you’ve never done a tri before this event is a great introduction to the sport as the distances are set at a beginner level and caters for all fitness types. More importantly it’s all about creating excitement around the office in the lead up and having a heap of fun on event day.

What’s it all about?

At the end of the day it’s all about having a fun day out with your work mates, while at the same time achieving a fantastic and very rewarding challenge. We realise that triathlon can be an imposing event if you’re new to the sport, however please be rest assured that we are there with you the whole way from training in the lead up to your safety and wellbeing on event day.


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