The Smith Family

The Smith Family Corporate Triathlon Series aims to raise $175,000 to help provide vital educational support for 300 disadvantaged Australian children.

All funds raised go towards The Smith Family’s Learning for Life program, which gives disadvantaged children the extra tools and support they need to stay engaged with learning throughout their school years, complete school and go on to further study or work.

Today, one in seven children and young people are living in poverty across Australia*, where even life’s basics are hard to come by. These children need financial help for practical essentials like textbooks, school shoes, the right uniform and camps. Disadvantaged children are also much more likely to struggle at school than their classmates so they need extra support with their learning.

The Smith Family’s Learning for Life program provides support to disadvantaged children through:

  • financial support to pay for school essentials like a school uniform, shoes, textbooks and excursions.
  • support from a Learning for Life Coordinator who works with the family and understands the specific needs of a child.
  • access to The Smith Family’s out-of-school learning and mentoring programs to help children get the most out of their school years.

Around 38,000 students are supported each year on the Learning for Life program, in 94 communities across every Australian state and territory.

To reach our goal we rely on teams getting ‘sponsored’ for their participation. It’s easy – we’ll set you up with a fundraising page – they just need to set your fundraising goal and then get the team to spread the word to family, friends and colleagues!

* ACOSS & SPRC (2016) Poverty in Australia, 2016, Australian Council of Social Services, Sydney.

Not only will you and your team feel a real sense of achievement when they fundraise – there’s also a range of great benefits too!

  • Teams that fundraise and reach their goal get the option to use the Platinum Upgrade Package which entitles them to upgrade their purchased marquees with lots of great extras! These include reserved carparks, private bathroom, showers, drinks and personal masseuse.
  • Being the highest individual fundraiser not only gets you bragging rights, it’ll get you a birds-eye view of Melbourne! If you have raised the most funds by COB Tuesday 27 February, you’ll win an event day helicopter flight over the scenic Yarra Valley, then looping back to take in some of Melbourne’s most iconic landmarks. It’s the perfect way for your friends, family or your colleagues to watch from above as you complete The Smith Family Corporate Triathlon Series!
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