Event Date:  1 March 2020
Location:  Elwood Park, Head Street, Elwood
Distances:  400m Swim, 10km Bike, 4km Run
Entries Open:  19 September 2019
Categories: Male, Female, Mixed, Informal
Catering and Marquee Orders:  Opening December
Express Bike Drop (if purchased by team): Limited spots available. $40per team

Teams of 3 - Each team mate completes a full triathlon
Teams of 3 - Each team member completes a full triathlon
A digital transponder on the ankle is passed to the following team member once the the full course has been completed. The final team member runs across the finish line. Each team member will receive their own result which is combined for a total team time.
Teams of 2 or 3 - Team mates divide up the triathlon legs
Teams of 2 or 3
Here you and your teammates will divide up the triathlon, with each team mate completing either the swim, bike or run, combining for a single time. One person can do two legs if they choose.

Corporate team building, made FUN!

Welcome to the Australian Corporate Triathlon Series, a fantastic fun event to build camaraderie and challenge your colleagues to take their health and wellbeing to another level.

If you’ve never done a triathlon before this event is a great introduction to the sport as the distances are set at a beginner level and caters for all fitness types. More importantly it’s all about creating excitement around the office in the lead up and having a heap of fun on event day.

2XU Team Uniforms

Show your corporate colours with custom team uniforms from 2XU.

Two Options Available:

  • Custom Kit: Create your own design for your teams TriSuit or Triathlon clothing with help from 2XU (Order cut off 2 December 2019)
  • Semi Custom: Choose from the pre-set range of 2XU TriSuits and triathlon clothing and add your company logo (order cut off 10 Feb 2020)

With 2XU Tri gear you can look great while getting all the support you need for the rigours of triathlon

For more information please contact

Photo – Con Chronis

What’s it all about?

At the end of the day it’s all about having a fun day out with your work mates, while at the same time achieving a fantastic and very rewarding challenge. We realise that triathlon can be an imposing event if you’re new to the sport, however please be rest assured that we are there with you the whole way from training in the lead up to your safety and wellbeing on event day.

There are two options for teams to participate in the Corporate Triathlon.

  1. The MAIN event (Teams of 3) – Here each team member will complete a full triathlon. A digital transponder attached to your leg is handed to the following team member once the course has been completed, with the final team member running across the finish line. Each team member will receive their own result which will combine for a total team time.
  2. The RELAY event (Teams of 2 or 3) – Here you and your teammates will divide up a triathlon, with each person completing either the swim, the bike leg or the run to combine for a single time. In this event one person can do two legs if they choose.

Completing a triathlon in a team is one of the most satisfying things you will do. Supported by your work mates, you’ll be unable to contain your smile as your team crosses the finish line. Please take the time to share this booklet around and give everyone the opportunity to challenge themselves and take on this awesome experience.

Photo – Con Chronis
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