Fundraising is be a great way to bond with your team and your support can help charities close to your heart. This year at the Corporate Triathlon we are pleased to be working with two wonderful causes that support the community, their amazing work includes 

The Smith Family

The Smith Family is Australia’s largest children’s education charity, and with 1.1million Australian children living in poverty they need your help.  

By choosing to fundraise for The Smith Family you will be helping Australian children living in poverty to succeed at school, providing them with the most basic resources such as a new uniform, stationery and school books. They’ll also be able to access out of school Learning Clubs so that they can find belief in their learning abilities and create a better future for themselves. 

Find out more about The Smith Family here


Black Dog Institute 

Mental illness affects 1 in 5 Australians every year, and about half of all people will experience mental health problems at some stage in their life. Less than half of all Australians experiencing the symptoms of mental illness will seek professional help. Despite being the ‘lucky country’, suicide is now the number one cause of death in young people – ahead of road accidents and cancer. 

The Black Dog Institute is a global leader in translational mental health research. The organisation harnesses the latest technology and other tools to quickly turn world-class research findings into clinical services, education and e-health products that improve the lives of people with mental illness and the wider community. 

That’s why your support is so important to The Black Dog Institute, your fundraising enables them to continue  with ground breaking research, expand on their education programs, as well as help deliver new clinical treatments and online mental health tools. 

Find out more about Black Dog Institute here

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