General Questions

How does my corporation get involved?

A team administrator will need to register the corporation via registration page and click ‘create company’

I need to change my team members how do I do this?

Your Team Captain or Team Admins can log in here. You will then be able to:

  • Add/Edit new team members
  • Main Event – Change the team order
  • Fun Tri – change the relay leg of the athlete

What is the distance of the event?

Swim: 400m

Bike: 10km

Run: 4km

Is there a limit of how many participants can participate in the team?

There are two team events available:

  1. Main Event (min/max. 3 athletes who complete 3 full triathlons which are combined in a relay format, each member doing a swim, bike and run).
  2. Fun Tri Relay (min 2/max 3, 1 triathlon is divided up into legs assigned to team members (one swims, one cycles and one runs)

What is the type of event?

The event is a triathlon (swim, bike, run).

Where do I park at the event?

On Street Parking in Elwood/St Kilda/Brighton. We suggest to park in the paid parking near St. Kilda Sea Baths or Elsternwick Park. Please be aware of changed traffic conditions as roads will be closed around the venue.

Is there an App I can track my friends on?

Unfortunately we don’t have an event app, however you can track the teams through our Timing Supplier (Multisport Australia) –

What are the road closures for the event?

Road closures will be in place on Race Day. Ensure you and your supporters are aware of the closures.

Can I leave a gear bag at the start of the race?

Yes, if your company doesn’t have a marquee, we will have a bag drop area.

What is included in my race kit/pack?

Main Event –

  • 3x Race bib
  • 3x Seat Post Sticker
  • 3x Wristband
  • 3x Race Belt
  • 3 x swim cap
  • 1 x Timing Chip – one per team

Fun Tri –

  • 1x Race bib
  • 1x Seat Post Sticker
  • 3x Wristband
  • 3x Race Belt
  • 1x swim cap
  • 1 x Timing Chip – one per team

Where do I leave my Bike and Run clothes to change into?

You can leave any items next to your bike within transition. Please note that you won’t be able to leave any physical bags within transition, only items.

Can I wear headphones?

Headphones cannot be worn whilst out on course. This complies with the Triathlon Australia Competition Rules.

What equipment do I need to participate in the event?

Swimmer – bathers&/or wetsuit, goggles. A swim cap will be provided

Cyclist* – A bike, helmet and runners/cycling shoes (dependent on type of bike). Clothing can range from general sporting clothing to lycra.

Runner* – runners (closed footwear is required) and clothing can range from general sporting clothing to lycra.  A race belt will be provided in your race pack. The race belt will secure your race bib.

*All participants must have their torso covered on the bike and run.

For more information see the race rules- Triathlon Australia Competition Rules.

Registration/Check-In Questions

Can I transfer my entry to someone else?

You can interchange team members up until the close the check-in on Saturday 29 February. Please see the event schedule here. Prior to the event – Your Team Captain or Team Admins can log in here or onsite at the Help Desk within Check-In.

Is my entry refundable?

There are no refund available for this event.

Can I register for the event on the day of the race?

No all registrations including team member changes must be made by close of check-in on Saturday 29 February.

Can I collect the race packs on behalf of my corporation/team?

Yes – one member of the team and/or the corporation will be provided the race pack including all race kit items, tshirt and race belt. It will be the responsibility of said individual to ensure all race kit items are handed out to the appropriate athletes.

Does my race kit get mailed to me?

No, you will need to attend check-in during opening ours (click here).

Purchased Express Bike Check-In? Your packs will be posted to your companies chosen address 3 weeks prior to the event.

I can’t find a team can I participate by myself?

The event is a teams event only. In 2020 there will be no individual category as per previous years.

Can participants that don’t work for my company participate?

Yes, you will need to register as an informal team. Select this category upon registering.

Can I pay via invoice for my company teams?

Yes, please contact us at

Race Day Questions

Do I have to drop my bike off prior to the race?

All bikes must be racked on Saturday 29 February (unless Express Bike Racking was purchased during registration). Please view the event schedule for times.

What do we get at the finish line?

A sense of achievement and knowing you’ve had an awesome day out with your work mates!

How do you attach a timing chip?

You will need to attach the timing chip to your left ankle. Simply pull the band over your foot and stick the Velcro to each other. Hot tip: ensure that its not too tight nor loose. If you loose the timing chip, there will be a $150AUD fee.

Do I have to do the swim in the main event?

If swimming isn’t for you we suggest to do the Fun Tri. This way you can simply bike and/or run. Alternatively if you are set on participating in the Main Event, please speak with Event Officials at the start line on Race Day.

Is drafting allowed?

No – No drafting allowed. Check out the video on drafting rules from Triathlon Australia.

Are wetsuits allowed?

Wetsuits will be optional if the water temperature is below 22 degrees Celsius and mandatory if the water temperature is below 14 degrees Celsius.

The wetsuit thickness must not exceed 5mm for all competitors.

A provisional wetsuit ruling will be posted at the Check-In Tent and Information on Saturday. The official wetsuit ruling will be announced race morning by the commentary team.

If you have any questions around your wetsuit please visit or speak with a Technical Official at the event.

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