A Guide to Your Weekly Workout

Day Training Guide
Monday Start your week off on a positive, and head to the pool for a swim session
Tuesday Time to get the legs moving. Bust out the runners on your lunch break and take to your favorite run course
Wednesday Treat yourself to a day off – but don’t waste it – stretch the legs on your lunch break or in between meetings
Thursday Let’s get on the bike for 20-30 minutes. If your not comfortable on the roads – check out our exercise bike program below
Friday Use your time wisely, throw the runners in the bag and get out in the fresh air. A brisk walk will loosen the body and clear the mind
Saturday Cycling on a Saturday is not just for MAMIL’s (Middle Aged Men in Lycra). Jump on the bike and enjoy the fresh air or join a spin session at your local gym. Don’t forget to treat yourself after and head out for a nice healthy breakfast at your local café.
Sunday Everyone knows Sunday is the universal day of rest – it’s been a big week in the office and you have worked hard so treat yourself to a day off


Skip the Pre-Workout Stretch

Your muscles should be warm before you begin your stretching. Do a warmup before a workout that simulates the movements you’ll be doing in order to warm up and prepare your body. Stretch after the workout when your muscles are already warm.

Focus on the Muscles That Need the Most Help

Instead of trying to stretch your whole body after every time you exercise, focus on a key area of the body each time. Spend longer on each stretch and include more stretches for each area. If you are aware of muscles that are tight, then focus on those ones.


The Swim

Head down to your local pool and either purchase a casual session swim, or be adventurous and take out a membership! Make sure you have all the right gear – if you need some pointers, head to our good friends at www.engineswim.com

Starting your Session

  • A light stretch before-hand will be essential, focus on your shoulders, torso and legs as these will be used most
  • Choose the tempo lane that you feel most comfortable in

The Stroke

  • Start with Freestyle, as this is the best stroke to use as you take on the swim-leg come event day

The Target

  • Aim to swim 10 laps – this will take approximately 30 minutes, and is a great starting point to get you in the zone.
  • Break down the 10 laps how you feel most comfortable and take rests when you feel you need to. As you swim more and improve look to take fewer rests or increase the number of laps you’re doing.

The Warm-Down

  • Swim 1-2 gentle laps at a slow tempo to cool the body down
  • On exiting the pool, carry out some basic stretches to loosen your muscles
  • Don’t forget to drink plenty of water as you don’t realize how much you sweet while swimming

The Bike

The Session

  • Gyms can be an intimidating place, but remember it’s all about having fun and enjoying your workout – a good way to do this is work with a mate or in a group

Starting your Session

  • Jump on the exercise bike and take to a 3- 5 minute ride at a comfortable resistance to warm up and get your legs moving

Interval Session

  • Now your muscles are warm it is time to get into the main session
  • Interval training has been proven to be more beneficial to your health and fitness than holding one pace for 20-30mins
  • For your first session aim to do 15 – 20 mins of 30 seconds hard : 30 seconds easy
  • To change between hard and easy you can either:
    • change how fast you are riding at the same gear (rpm) or
    • increase and decrease the gear, holding the same rpm – aim for 90-100 rpm

The Warm-Down

  • Set the bike on a low gear for five more minutes of comfortable resistance cycling to let the lactic acid out of your legs


  • Want a harder session? You can:
    • Increase your work effort in your intervals by increasing the speed or resistance
    • Try a longer session
    • Change the work to rest ratio eg. 35 sec hard 25 sec easy

The Run

Starting your Session

  • Spend at least 5 mins stetching your hamstrings and calf mucsles so they are nice and loose before you head off
  • If you like your music, get your favourite up-tempo play list pumping

The Session

  • With many types of run programs available, there is no need to over complicate things! It doesn’t matter how fast you reach that finish line, it’s conquering the distance that counts
  • This session is easily manageable on a lunch break through the CBD, in between meetings or after work before you head home

The Target

  • Let’s aim to reach 4km – if you feel this might be out of reach, break it down into small goals
  • If you are new to running aim for 2-3km in your first few sessions walking when you need a rest (try not to stop completely as this will make it harder to get going again)
  • Gradually build up you distance and take fewer rests as you feel your endurance improving with more training

The Warm-Down

  • Add a light 500m walk to the end of your run, allowing lactic acid to clear from your muscles and ensure your legs feel much fresher the next morning


  • Want a harder session? Add timed goals to your run, set a per kilometer pace to reach or increase your distance as you feel more comfortable
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